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Perpetually rambunctious, Lena Simeoli, expects it'll be just another summer working with her Nonna "G " at their family-­‐owned beach boardwalk amusement pier. She'll write songs, play her guitar, sing at Big Al's Pizza Palace on weekends with her cousin, Candy, and best friend, Janet, as "Melody and The Shoresters;" maybe even get that first big break. "Songs, sun and surf," that's the only plan Lena's making.

Lena's "plan" doesn't include the devastating secret Nonna's been keeping from her, nor the far-­‐reaching consequences of bad decisions. It doesn't include questioning the way her gender is treated and perceived, or the charms of a visitor from the past with a killer smile masking boatloads of resentments. And it sure doesn't include the persistence of a smarmy developer, who is hell bent on bringing his personal brand of "progress" to their boardwalk. The guy is more than a little annoying! His "Reinvention Intention" project is gathering steam within the local community.

Tough choices need to be made in the summer of 1963. Youthful dreams collide with loyalties to family, friends - new love - and a way of life.

Just months before the Beatles come to America, before a cultural and social revolution heats up, while our nation sits on the brink of massive change, "down the shore" in New Jersey there's a battle brewing…


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