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The Cast of Characters
(In order of Appearance)

Lena Simeoli/"Melody"
Attractive, fit, plucky and rambunctious
(18; mezzo/soprano with a strong belt.)

Nonna G-Augustina "Gussie" Simeoli
Fireplug, strong-willed-set-in-her-ways, widow with a thick Italian accent.
(50's- 60's; soprano)

A bookworm struggling with basic social skills, particularly around females. Has Einstein hair and tape wrapped around one side of his eyeglasses; favors white socks/sandals and ill-fitting shorts (early 20's; tenor/baritone)

An exotic beauty of color with an ample chest, va-va-voom figure and brilliant scientific mind. (18; alto)

Big Al
Short, stocky, ex-Marine who's tough on the outside and melted mozzarella on the inside (50-60's; tenor)

Tall, well-built, handsome, with a killer smile
(19-20, tenor/baritone)

Dirk Golding
Well-dressed, pompous, self-impressed
(Any age over 30; baritone/bass)

Candy Kemple
High strung, motor mouth redhead
(19-20; mezzo/alto)

Anthony Falconi
Italian looks; heavy New York or New Jersey accent; can fix anything but his love life with Candy. (19-20; baritone)

Nadine Kaminsky
Has a certain "reputation," aided by trashy make up, teased platinum hair and tight clothing Never met a man she didn't like to put her hands on. Dumb as a fox. (19-20)

Minimum: 2 females, 2 males (preference for larger ensemble of varied ages, including some children, portraying customers on the boardwalk and in Big Al's restaurant. Also needed, a photographer and pre-recorded voice of an announcer.


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